Purpose of Business Simulation:

  • Identification of manufacturing bottlenecks and optimization of the company’s business processes;
  • Analysis of actors’ workload and sufficiency of resources available to a business process;
  • Estimation of the efficiency of business process improvements

Key Features of Application:

  1. Easy visual modeling of business processes using a task-oriented notation;
  2. Step-by-step or automatic control of process simulation execution;
  3. Collection the imitation modeling results for applications in Lean 6 Sigma;
  4. Automatic analysis of the results of business process simulation and suggestion of improvements;
  5. Only local or cloud resources are used for storing user models: Google Drive, Dropbox and Yandex.Disk;
  6. Free for personal and commercial use;
  7. Ability to work offline;
  8. No installation required.

Questions & Answers:

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Screenshot of business process model for simulation
The second screenshot of business process model for simulation


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