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Import of models in BPMN notation

Requirements service provides the ability to upload business process models created in other applications. This compatibility provided by support BPMN modeling notation with BPMN 2.0 specification. Below is an example of one business process models in different services ( and and in different notations (BPMN and EPC-like).

Model in BPMN notation
Example of BPMN models in the interface of service
Model in EPC-like notation
Example of the same model in the interface of service

You can import any model in a XML-format, created in accordance with the requirements of Process Modeling Conformance of BPMN 2.0 specification. The service supports only import a Process diagram objects.

Import of model

Starting from an XML-import file is possible in several ways, depending on the method of file storage.

Import local file

The menu item "Open" for call Select file window is located at the Model section of Control Panel.

Import a local file

Import file from a cloud storage

To import a file that is available to open when Google Drive™ need to select the menu item "Open with" and select item "BP Simulator" in the context menu of the file in a web interface of the service. If the menu item "BP Simulator" is not listed, an application "Business Process Simulator" you need to find and to connect in the menu item "Connect more apps" in the Business Tools section of the app catalog.

Import file from cloud storage

Import model after selecting a file is done automatically. At the end of imports, with no read errors, the model appears in the workspace and is ready to work in the service.

Rules of transformation

When you import a model automatically converting elements from BPMN notation in EPC-like notation of the service. The following table shows all of an element transformation rules.

Element BPMN Element Comment
Start Event Task Generator
End Event Check Point
Intermediate Event Event
Task Function
Resource Executer
Exclusive Gateway
Parallel Gateway
- Converted to execution or distribution rules in upcoming or follow functions of the process
Inclusive Gateway
Complex Gateway
Event-Based Gateway
Function Abstract functions with zero duration

An elements of BPMN model not listed in the table are ignored. To add support for artifacts or expanding the specifications please contact to our technical support.