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Modeling recommendations

The identification of business process stage

For use a model of existing or development business process it is necessary for modeling correctly. Before modeling must first identify the business process, i.e. to determine it begins and ends (process boundaries), a result (process goals) and the role of its participants (resources of a process) that from the beginning of the business process by interacting progressively reach the process targets.

The following diagram shows an example of an incorrect identification of the functions of interaction with the customer:

Incorrect example of identification

Disadvantages of such a model:

Let's try a little change the model:

Correct example of identification

List of changes:

This sample identification is not complete and correct, it serves to illustrate the results of step. For detailed information on how to identify the business processes of the organization can be found in specialized literature on Business Process Management or to receive consultation online from

Combining actions in a function

If the actions are performed by one person continuously, you can combine them into a single function. For example, application procedure:


Both actions can be combined into a single function because they individually have no value for a process:


Examples of when combining may be unacceptable:


Yet another example:


Separation of a function

Another kind of errors that can be found only by instrumental - failure to comply an agreement on the level of detail of a business process model. For Example:


If the operating time on the preparation of an act cannot be more than an hour, why the answer comes just a day (24 hours)?


Only at this detail level can be seen where most of the time is spent on the task.

ABC costing

When conducting Activity-based costing analysis is necessary to clarify from a consultant what kinds of costs should be included in the calculation of the cosr of process. This affects the model:


In this case the licenses of software refers to the capital costs, however such resources should not be included in a model.