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Storage of business process events

Business process events are collected for the purpose of logging process operations and performance analysis. During the simulation, a large amount of "raw" information is collected, for its storage supported modern browsers NoSQL IndexedDB. The advantages of this approach are:

When starting the service, the following databases are created: View and manage the contents of the service repository are available on the Application/Storage/IndexedDB tab of DevTools. Task event object repository

Simulation Log Storage Structure

Task events (Task object storage)

Task events are stored to enable task-based analysis of the effectiveness of the business process (in terms of the task).

Key Name Description
kind Kind of event The digital value of the event type directory app.options.types.eventType:
  • taskNew - task created
  • taskComplete - task completed in Function
  • taskDelivered - task delivered to Object
  • taskAssigned - task is assigned to Executor
  • taskWaitQueue - task wait in Queue
  • taskFinished - task is finished in Process
  • taskCostSpent - task spent cost of Executor
  • taskOperation -
  • taskSupported - task spent Resource
kindName Name of kind of event String value of the event type app.options.types.eventType
source Event source ID of the business process model object where the task event was registered.
sourceName Name of event source The name of the object - the source of the event at the time of the event
task Task ID Unique within the simulation session task ID
time Time of event Process time of event registration in Unix Timestamp format
cost Cost The amount of cash costs for the task execution by the performer. Filled if applicable.
duration Duration The duration of the event. Filled if applicable.

Example of a task event object in JSON format

     kind: 2
     kindName: "taskDelivered"
     source: "82493adc-f669-4d0e-a100-ca34b6ed"
     sourceName: "Function №1"
     task: 2
     time: 1552889013000

The task event repository is completely cleared before the start of each new session of the business process simulation.